Drama drama drama

There is so much drama aboard this ship! I don't think that any other starship has this much drama, what with the tribbles, Kirk and McCoy, and this whole thing with Chekov and Scotty... It's so much to think about!
I still feel like it's partly my fault that Chekov is so sad all the time... If only there was a cute Asian helmsman for him.... *sigh*
Btw, drinking with Scotty in Engineering was the best time I've had aboard this ship, and I intend to do it again. *smiles*
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My Relationship Drama

Nurse Chapel had been inquiring as to what exactly went wrong between myself and Mr. Spock, so I got permission to explain some of the details (as we all know that Mr. Spock is a very private person).

We had not been together long before the Nero incident, and truthfully we were not going anywhere very fast, it was more an intellectual interest. He was intrigued by my ability to excell in any language (and almost any subject that I set my mind to) and I was attracted by his mind. But there was little sexual attraction. The Nero incident brought us close because of the sudden loss of the planet Vulcan, Mr. Spock was genuinely in need of someone to be there for him when he was <s>emotionally compromised</s> not himself. Also out of the fear that we would lose each other as friends.

After things got back to normal, and we were both assigned to the same ship for this five year mission, Mr. Spock and I decided that it would be best if we were not together as a couple, but as friends and collegues.

I still wish that he had told me before we were assigned. But I am coping, and it is getting easier to see him as happy as a Vulcan will let on to being.

That is all. No more, no less.

Nurse Chapel, I am able to say that I am genuinely happy for you.

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I don't mean to sound like a whiny bitch, but I really wish that Spock had broken up with me before we left for our FIVE FUCKING YEAR mission. So that I wouldn't be STUCK with him for the next five years. I would have transferred to a different ship, and been plenty happy with my life!

But no. I have to be stuck here watching Nurse Blondie making googly-eyes at him whenever she sees him.

Oh well... I guess I should be happy for them... No matter how painful that is.

Scotty, wanna get drunk with me next off-shift? Anyone else can come... I need to drown my sorrows.


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